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.Fusion Licensing System

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You are probably losing money due to unauthorized use of modules. While there is no practical method of an absolute protection from dedicated hacking attempt it is now easy to protect your modules from casual theft and unauthorized use.

With .Fusion License System by DnnMasters you will get a complete license protection system with DNN Store integration and automated license generation and email delivery. .
Fusion LS provides also time limited trial versions that can be converted into a full versions by simply entering license key - no need to re-install and lose settings or data which will surely please your customers.
An extra layer of security is the license activation and verification process that can be handled online or offline adding flexibility to your licensing schema. 

Modules can be licensed per portal domain with feature licensing like a Standard and Pro versions in the same distribution package - easy to upgrade if needed. 

You can integrate the .Fusion LS with your modules in minutes and start generating revenue from sales previously lost due to unauthorized use on multiple sites.
Friendly and clean management interface makes it easy to overview and control licenses and sales.


  • Easy Integration API
  • Easy E-Commerce Integration API
  • Feature licensing
  • Domain Licensing (FQDN)
  • Applications Manager
  • License Manager
  • Trials Manager
  • DNN Store Integration
  • DNN Store Transactions Manager
  • Customer MyLicenses Manager
  • Automatic License Generation
  • Automatic License Delivery by Email
  • Online License Activation
  • Offline License Activation
  • Single or Multiple Domains

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