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User Manager Suite

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DNNMasters User Manager Suite is an advanced module that simplifies and automates the individual or bulk management and Import/Export of membership data in DotNetNuke portals with vastly enhanced security.
The module suite was created to assist portal hosts and administrators with the task of maintaining membership data in DotNetNuke single or multi-portal setup and to allow Import/Update/Delete/Export of users and/or roles from file or external sources.

It combines User Management, Roles Management and User & Roles Import/Export tools into one powerful package. Besides easy management of user data you can export and import your portal's membership data as a backup and/or integrate portal membership with your company Active Directory. The module interface is clear, intuitive and easy to use. Templates and enhanced security features allow you to automate repetitive tasks and/or tasks delegation to other users.

This module is a must-have tool for every DotNetNuke portal administrator with any number of users and roles - particularly in multiportal setup, but the Import/Export feature makes it simply indispensable for all DotNetNukers.

Now you can:

Fine-tune your User Data Security and delegate management tasks without security risks:
  • very fine, granular module level security,
  • grant access rights to single or multiple module tasks by Role,
  • allow operations on selected role(s) only,
  • explicitly deny operations on a selected role(s),
Have uncluttered view of user data:
  • create and save templates for searching/viewing only the data you need,
Automate repetitive tasks:
  • create, manage and edit templates for Search, Import/Export and Email Notify tasks,
Search user database by:
  • Login,
  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Email,
  • Created Date,
  • Last login date,
  • Last Modified date,
  • Authorized/not authorized,
  • Is Deleted (soft deleted),
  • Portals (global search (all portals) by Host or search by portal that the user has administrator's rights),
  • Role membership of selected portal (multiple selections allowed - this enables you to search for particular role membership combinations on any portal),
Order your searches by:
  • Login,
  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Portal,
  • E-mail,
  • Last login date,
  • Account creation date,
  • Country,
  • Region,
  • City,
  • Zip Code,
Manage Users:
  • edit user data,
  • add new users,
  • delete users,
  • add user to role/roles,
  • remove user from role/roles,
  • set User Role Expire date,
  • export (backup) selected (or all) users,
  • bulk add users to role/roles,
  • bulk remove users from role/roles,
  • bulk add users to another portal/portals,
  • bulk delete users,
  • soft delete,
  • hard delete,
  • restore soft deleted users,
  • bulk authorize/unauthorize users,
  • bulk reset passwords (randomly generated passwords with settings for length and characters used) with email notification using email templates,
  • bulk email account details to users.
Manage roles:
  • view roles by portal,
  • add new roles by portal,
  • delete roles by portal,
  • add new role to single or multiple portals with an option to add to all portals,
  • copy roles between portals,
  • bulk add user (or users) to role (roles),
  • bulk copy role (or roles) between portals,
  • bulk remove roles from portal (portals),
  • bulk duplicate roles between portals keeping all associated access rights,
  • Export users, Roles and User Roles (with templates and scheduler):
  • create and manage templates for export,
  • export users, roles and User Roles from selected portal,
  • set the export format (XML, Excel, CSV),
  • select users to be exported (filters in Users tab)
  • Import users, roles and User Roles (with templates and scheduler):
  • create and manage templates for import,
  • import users, roles and User Roles from data file (XML, Excel, CSV),
  • set the import mode,
  • import all data (users, roles, User Roles),
  • import users and User Roles only,
  • import users only,
  • import roles only,
  • interactive import from free format CSV file with fields mapping,
  • import with delete (Excel file with a list of email addresses)
  • add additional roles (from target portal) for imported users,
  • add expiry date for imported users and roles,
  • set method of import exceptions handling (existing/duplicate users/usernames),
  • write duplicate data to exceptions file (XML),
  • define suffix and append it to the username,
  • update records
  • additional settings:
  • set Authorized On/Off,
  • send generic dnn notification to users created during import,
  • send custom (HTML template) notification to users created during import,
  • record-by-record Import mode with detailed logging for finding bad records in import files.
  • generate passwords during import
  • all users
  • only where missing
  • Import user data from external sources (with templates and scheduler):
  • create and manage templates for import,
  • import users and user data directly from a variety of external sources,
  • import from MS SQL,
  • import from LDAP,
  • import from Active Directory,
  • enter SQL/LDAP/AD query to select exactly what you need to import
  • generate user passwords during import
  • send email info about accounts to users On/Off
  • Import user data from external sources using Web Service

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