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Multi Portal User Sharing - Xtreme

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DNNMasters Multi Portal User Sharing Xtreme helps you to set up and manage multiple portals in a unique way that is comfortable for administrators and beneficent for users.

It is an advanced module that adds a feature missing in core DotNetNuke CE - it allows sharing user data and roles among multiple portals. The Xtreme version of the module offers unequaled flexibility and control over what and how you are sharing (on "per portal" basis). It was created to assist portal hosts and administrators with the task of sharing users and roles among multiple portals and at the same time to provide a single logon for all portals that you have enabled the sharing on. User credentials are passed on when the user switches portals. All operations are transparent to users - they can move among portals as if it was a single site. The host can easily create "Shared Roles". Add a shared role to ANY portals in an installation and users can move between those resources seamlessly never being ask for login credentials once authenticated in any of the shared portals. This module is extremely useful for Intranet sites and complicated, multi- portal websites. Multiple "Shared Areas" are supported and a portal can belong to several of them at the same time. Hosts can also define the “direction of sharing“ - from shared group, to shared group and both ways.

Multi Portal User Sharing module is fully compatible with our user management modules.

DNNMasters Multi Portal User Sharing Xtreme is a powerful package that combines users from multiple portals into a "Shared Area" with a mouse click. Besides easy setup and management of shared portals, user data can be accessed and managed as before. The module interface is clear, intuitive and easy to use.

With DNNMasters Multi Portal User Sharing Xtreme you can easily combine any number of portals into virtual Portal Groups/sites - we call it "Shared Areas" and still manage user data, roles and portals as before. Sharing users among portals is just a mouse click away. Last but not least, you can create as many "Shared Areas" as you need and share portal among all of them.


  • Single Sign On configuration
    • standard - only main portal and child portals using the same domain,
    • full SSO between parent portals using different domains,
    • set portal aliases that will be used for SSO,
  • allow sharing of User Photo profile property across portals (common path to photo)
  • set sharing direction
    • from portal to shared area (supplier only)
    • from shared are to portal (receiver only)
    • both ways (supplier and receiver)
  • roles sharing On/Off (global) - roles can be shared globally between portals both child and parent in the same installation
  • user-in-roles sharing On/Off (global) - user roles can be shared globally between portals both child and parent in the same installation
  • user sharing (per source portal by role) - share users based on the role in the portal that they registered in
  • sharing selected roles (per source portal) - share selected roles from given portal
  • sharing user-in-role by selected roles (per source portal) - share users belonging to selected role
  • each portal can belong to more than one shared area and have different settings

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